Rockford School Choice

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The process of changing the way Rockford students are assigned to schools has started.

On Thursday night a committee of parents, realtors and other community members led a dialogue at the U of I College of Medicine about school choice.

Currently parents submit their top choices to the Rockford School District. But administrators have control over the final decision. That puts a lot of students at schools where they don't want to be.

"We're going to have to do something about the way we assign students to schools because personally I've had too many complaints. It's rough. We have families with kids going to three different schools," said Alice Saudargas, Rockford School Board member.

There will be several meetings on the subject. The next is scheduled for June 1, starting at 5:30, at the College of Medicine in Rockford.

To learn more about how school choice will impact real estate, click on the video link.