Referendums Defeated, New Majority on School Board

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Voters soundly defeated the Rockford Park District's request for a property tax hike for maintenance purposes.

Harlem School District voters rejected a tax hike for the education fund for a third straight time. Superintendent John Hurley says more cuts will have to come in the district.

Winnebago and Kinnikinnick School District Voters also rejected referendums.

The Rockford Street Improvement referendum did pass with 54 percent of the vote.

The Rockford School Board voted out two incumbents. Karol Hammond defeated David Strommer and Michael Bliss lost to David Kelley. With Alice Saudargas winning in District C, it may change the makeup of the Board enough to potentially pave the way for fired Superintendent Dr. Alan Brown to get his job back.

Bob Evans, a Brown supporter, won election in District E.

There are four new Mayors taking office. Ward Sterett defeated incumbent Lowell Smith in Roscoe. Randy Kirichkow tops Tom Conery in South Beloit.

Tom Stone beats incumbent Mike Arians in Oregon and Chet Olson is Rochelle's new mayor.