The ZBA Says No

The final vote was 4 to 3. The ZBA voted not to recommend the proposal for a $7 million 55-acre development.

A similar proposal was also voted down by the board last February. Since then the developers made changes to address the boards concerns but on Tuesday night it was not enough. Half a dozen people testified, mainly sighting concerns about increased traffic and unneeded commercial space. Despite the fact that about 85 percent of the planned development was residential the chairman of the ZBA says more homes in the area weren’t the major concern.

He believes if the proposal would have been strictly residential it would have passed with flying colors. The developer however says the commercial land is what allows the residential area to be so economical. Without the commercial zone the proposal is not viable.

This issue is certainly not dead. The ZBA only makes a recommendation to the zoning board. The board can and has gone against the ZBA's recommendations before.