Downtown Belvidere Clean-Up

It is official Belvidere will receive $1.6 million to clean up and rebuild a much neglected part of downtown.

The site has a hundred year history as a foundry; in that time little concern was given to dumping waste near or even in the Kishwaukee River. Those contaminants are still present and will be cleaned up with a portion of the grant money. Not only will the site be cleaned up from an environmental standpoint, but over half the money will go to redeveloping the rundown location.

A mixture of residential and commercial space is planned for the site. That development will take the rejuvenation of downtown Belvidere to a new level. This is good news for many neighbors who are constantly trying to improve their city block.

It should take a year to clean up and figure out just how much contamination is present. After that construction will begin.