Finance Study Team

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Vision 100 members asked those in the Belvidere community for the truth by asking what do they really think about the Belvidere schools? They got answers but now it's up to the district to decide if it will listen to those answers. Monday night the Vision 100 Finance Study Team made some recommendations. The team says the community is against any cuts in the Belvidere School District. So if nothing is going to be lost then more money is going to have to be gained.

After months of research and community forums the Vision 100 Finance Team outlined how to fund constant growth. Out of 399 districts in Illinois, only 7 districts spend less per pupil than Belvidere. Another shocking statistic states that over the past 10 years the district has experienced a 56% growth. There are two options facing the board. They could either eliminate jobs and programs or increase local revenue. Vision 100 recommends a 70 cent increase to the education fund. In the past they have asked for 35 cents.

Renita Roden, with Vision 100 states, “It would increase the fund and allow us to open the new school. The Belvidere School District has not had an increase in the education fund since 1975. So we have to keep up with the costs today."

The new high school is supposed to open in the Fall of 2007. Vision 100 is expected to release another report to the board in July. If the board decides to put a referendum question in front of voters that would need to be decided by the end of August.