Tough on Crime

The party's over for gang-bangers and thugs. The city's using a tough love approach against businesses that turn their heads to drug dealers and prostitutes. The move comes after years of frustration. The City's Attorney Jennifer Cacciapaglia hit the books looking for help and she stumble onto a little used statute. " It seemed like a really good idea. I didn't know what it was going to be like to carry it out but we're very successful. I do now feel like we hit the lottery by finding it." Basically the law holds property owners responsible for their land. If they don't live up to their obligations. Police can shut them down. So far they've shutdown 5-businesses. Most recently the B.P. Station on Auburn and the Sunset Motel. Cacciapaglia says it's sending a strong message to other lazy landlords. "The ones that do care are going to learn from the lesson their counterparts are suffering. The ones that don't are going to have to suffer it themselves." Neighbors love the hard line approach and at long last they can finally have the peace and quiet they always wanted. Jennifer Cacciapaglia adds, "Everyone in the city, no matter what side of the river you live on is entitled to peace and to live in their home and raise their kids in a safe environment and that's what we use this tool to affect."