Grass Roots Effort to Change the Vote

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From the Harlem School District Referendum to Rockford School Board members, people and money are at stake. So far, there had been very little controversy about the Rockford Park Districts proposed property tax increase until now.

The Winnebago County Taxpayers Association works to promote fair and equal taxation throughout the county. For the past week the group has taken on a new campaign.

Recently, the "Vote Yes For Our Park" signs met a new opponent. Signs stating "Parks Are Great, Economy's Not" are now found along most park district sites. It's a campaign started by the Winnebago County Taxpayers Association to urge a no vote against the Park District referendum.

"People have to be able to afford to pay taxes, maintain their property and live a reasonable life," the group said.

One of the group's main concerns is that taxpayers can't afford to pay anymore. The Park District's referendum would cost the average homeowner of a $100,000 house to spend about $67 a year.

Chief Operating Officer Tim Dimke says the referendum addresses three areas: safety, maintenance, and youth and family programs.

Dimke says if the referendum fails, the district will have to cutback and look at reductions. Once that is all worked out he isn't ruling out the fact that the referendum could resurface and be on the ballot again.