Residents Upset Over Proposed Annexation

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The City of Rockford is looking to grow and the only place to go is west. A proposal by Rockford Alderman Victory Bell would extend Rockford's city limits out to Weldon Road. Bell says this was done out of necessity.

"That definitely will be a growth pass. It'll be a growth pass for Rockford or it'll be a growth pass for Winnebago Village. Neither one of us are going to stop that," Bell says.

But residents say their preference is clear.

"We've already taken petitions around to all of our neighborhoods and ninety-six percent of the people have said that number one, we would prefer to go to Winnebago," says resident Todd France.

France says after all, the reason residents moved out to unincorporated Winnebago County was to escape Rockford and its taxes.

"We came out here for the quiet, for the county," France says.

But Bell said the difference in cost is minimal.

"When you really add up the tax or cost, you'll probably find it’s just as much to live in the county areas as it is in the city areas," Bell says.

France added some residents have told him they will move if the land is annexed into Rockford.

Winnebago's Village Board gave the ok to enter into a pre-annexation agreement. Those involved are seeking advice from a legal counsel in order to have a legally-binding agreement. The village would first need to annex in more unincorporated land before pursuing the residential area because the village does not currently touch the affected area.