Minutemen Meet in Rockford

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After being turned down by two other facilities, the anti illegal immigration group The Minuteman Project met in Rockford Saturday, and it was quite a scene. The minutemen met at the public library on the corner of Wyman St. and Mulberry St.

A lot of people say the meeting was somewhat overshadowed by about one hundred police officers standing guard outside. They were there because opinions run deep when it comes to immigration. Authorities wanted to make sure disagreements didn't turn into physical fights.

They were successful. The minuteman meeting ran peacefully. Those who attended talked about the problems illegal immigration is causing in our country. They say undocumented immigrants are a drain on our tax base.

The minutemen also claim that we lose out when illegal immigrants take jobs for low pay... because employers would otherwise have to pay higher wages and provide better jobs to American citizens. The minutemen say it's time for politicians to protect legal residents.

"We really need to be asking our lawmakers where they stand on illegal immigration. That's our number one goal," said Rosanna Pullido, director of the IL minuteman project.

"It's an organization that doesn't believe in violence, they’re doing the right thing," said Dr. Ruth Westphal, a new minuteman.

Now the new members of the minuteman project are looking for a leader of the Rockford chapter. They're already working on plans for two more meetings.