New Printing Press

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The new press will allow the paper to print three and a half times more per hour. And it's not just the printing process that's changing - papers printed on the new press will be smaller and more colorful.

Early versions suggest the paper will also be cleaner and easier to read than the current edition. This press is only the third in the newspaper's history replacing one dating from the late 60's. The newspaper says they didn't want to move their daily operations away from their audience.

"A lot of newspapers actually find it easier to construct remote production facilities out in the middle of green field sites. We really felt like the newspaper was the heart of downtown Rockford and we wanted to make every effort to stay downtown," says Kris Smith, the newspaper's production director.

While the printing press itself was manufactured in Germany, the structure housing it was designed by local architecture firm the Larson and Darby Group.

With the new press, the Register-Star says the price of the paper will not increase. It will still be fifty cents a day and a dollar fifty on Sundays.