Downtown Rockford Blocked Off for Minutemen

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Controversy surrounding the minuteman project and recent immigration rallies have Rockford police preparing for a mob of angry people outside the Rockford Public Library Saturday.

Police will block off streets between Wyman and Church Street and from West State Street north to Jefferson.

"We're planning in the event they do show up to be able to handle and keep everyone safe. There won't be a breach of the peace or violation of any laws," says Deputy Chief Theo Glover.

Rockford police are surveying and mapping out the area around the Rockford Public Library. Deputy Chief Theo Glover says they're prepared for thousands of protesters.

"We've had information, nothing definite, but we will not be caught by surprise."

But representatives from two Hispanic groups, La Voz Latina and Alerta say they are not planning on publicly protesting.

"I don't think these people will deserve so much attention from us when we have other things to celebrate and unify our people," says Cristina Gloria.

The director of the Illinois minuteman project doesn't expect her group will be able to meet without opposition.

"The message is loud and clear. The American people need to sit down and shut up. That's what the other side is telling us," said Rosanna Pullido.

Deputy Chief Glover says police will not allow people to walk through the Mulberry Street area Saturday unless they have tickets to the meeting or are protesting. There is an exception; people will be allowed to go see the show at New American Theater.