Prostitution and Drugs on the Streets

When you think of drugs and prostitution in Rockford a few neighborhoods may come to mind. But the activity comes in waves in many other places as well. The prostitution and drug activity around 7th and Broadway is well documented but some people believe the illicit traffic is headed in a new direction.

Police Chief Chet Epperson “Court and fisher is one of the spots we have high activity prostitution and street drug sales we are aware of it and we are pulling our resources to combat that.”

Local residents are fairly open when talking about possible prostitution in the area, but switch the conversation to drugs and they become much more tight-lipped, either unwilling or afraid to provide information. Many feel it takes far too long for police to respond to reports of criminal activity unless shots are fired. Neighbors have come together to improve their city blocks, but became disheartened after trying to clean up an eight block area.

Mary Anderson “while doing so we were informed that the drug activity, by a drugy, is still going to go on no mater what we did. We went back the next day and it was just as trashy as when we started.”

In Mary’s thirty years on N. Winnebago St. she said it was at its worst about 15 years ago, but she feels the neighbor hood has once again been taken over.