Dr. Brown's Hearing

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The Rockford School Board decides the much-anticipated hearing over the status of Superintendent Doctor Alan Brown will be broadcast live on cable television and radio. The board voted earlier this month to dismiss brown, but he's requested a public hearing on the issue.

Rockford School Board members say this is an importance event that the public should know about and it warrants broadcast.

On Thursday at three p.m., Doctor Alan Brown will have his day before the Rockford School Board. The board has voted four to three on two occasions to get rid of the superintendent, but Brown is challenging the decision.

"Under his contract he is entitled to a hearing prior to the making of any final decision on the hearing. This is Dr. Brown's opportunity to respond to the allegations the board of education has made," said Michele Bush, Attorney Rockford School Dist.

Bush represents District 205. She will present the district's allegations Thursday and Brown and his attorney will call witnesses to his defense.

During the two-hour hearing board members and the public may not comment

"If the public would like a period of time to comment that's fine, but it cannot be during the two hours that the hearing is conducted," Bush said.

The public also will be able to watch the hearing live on t-v and hear it on the radio. Board members say they're worried that broadcast could convey the feeling of a trial, but they say it simply is not a trial and the importance of the event warrants broadcast.

"There's always a risk when you do something like this, but we hope it will be informative and may be held the community come to some sort of conclusion and we can move on from this. We don't want this kind of thing hanging on. We've got to get on with the business of educating the children," said Bob Evans, Rockford School Board.

Doctor Brown's attorney did not return our phone calls, but she did request a continuance to delay the trial earlier this week. That however was denied.

The hearing can be seen live on Insight Cable channel 20 and WNTA 1330.