Student Accountability

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It's no surprise many teachers, parents and educators were glued to his every word. Dr. Douglas Reeves is a leading national authority on accountability in education. Monday night at Rockford College he outlined five steps to helping the children you love succeed in school and life.

Dr. Reeves says it comes down to writing, editing, reading, conversation, and culture. He is the Chairman of the Center for Performance Assessment who is currently working with the Rockford School District to improve student achievement.

A consultant is working with students at Jackson, Hillman, and Washington. District-wide training sessions are also in place. Dr. Reeves says Rockford is moving in the right direction as long as we have high expectations.

For Patrick Johnson, a parent of two, he says he learned that, "The best thing we can do is centered on behavioral issues in the house. For example if we turn off the TV, cultural things like sitting around the table and having a conversation."

Dr. Douglas Reeves told audience members, “Give your kids 20 minutes in which kids can read to parents, parents read to kids. They expect kids to write a note, the family history, or even a thank you note. All those things pay wonderful dividends."

Dr. Reeves advises districts to go where the parents are but that may mean late at night or on a weekend. Another good suggestion is that homework is not necessarily done at home. Dr. Reeves recommends schools offer a quiet table in the lunchroom for kids to complete work.