District Wide Cuts Announced

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In their first meeting since suspending Dr. Alan brown, the Rockford School board made some tough decisions Tuesday night. The board voted on the number of positions to be eliminated.

The board met behind closed doors for almost three hours to get a first hand look at the names and exact number of the first round of the district wide cuts. After Tuesday night 349 pink slips will be sent out.

From this list 329 people are certified full time or part time teachers. The other 20 people are non-certified support staff. The school board had to vote on these cuts Tuesday night in order to make the April 1 deadline in which teachers must be notified. The board voted unanimously Tuesday night to approve these cuts, but board members say it was a difficult decision but one that has to be made.

There are about 2000 teachers in the district. The school board is still waiting for a special education audit to come back. The human resource department says starting Wednesday they will start on a second list of cuts that will include aides and clerical staff.