Rockford Police Warning Public About String of Residential Burglaries

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ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- Rockford Police are warning residents about some recent residential burglaries happening in the Rolling Green area.

Police say they've received several reports of residential burglaries over the past 10 days occurring in and around the Rolling Green area, with at least one attempted residential burglary in and around Ridge Avenue north of Custer Avenue.

Police say the suspects in all the incidents appear to be the same and are committing the crimes the same way. Police believe the suspects are two white men in their late 20's or early 30's.

The suspects appear to be working together to distract the homeowner from realizing the burglary is happening. One man approaches the homeowner, wanting to do yard work or other household work the homeowner may need done, while the second suspect enters the home and steals their valuables. The second suspect is usually not with the first suspect and the homeowner is unaware of a second subject until they are seen leaving the area together. The homeowner usually doesn't realize they've been victimized until hours later and investigators say the burglaries happen within minutes.

Police tell us detectives are working all the cases and making progress, however want to notify residents of the way the suspects are committing the crimes. If you come in to contact with a potential suspect, we are urged to call police immediately.

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