Rockford Library Closed May 6

Rockford Public Library's main library will be closing its doors to the public next Saturday because the building will be the site of the Minutemen's Town Hall meeting.

The Illinois Minutemen project has rented the library's auditorium from one to five for the meeting. Police and city officials strongly advised the library to close next Saturday because demonstrations against the meeting are expected.

Streets will be closed within a two-block radius of the library, and police presence will be stepped up during that time.

"The library regrets having to reduce its service to the public for any reasons, so obviously we regret having to close it, but in the interest of public safety, in the interest of our staff, if we're advised to do so by local law enforcement and city officials, we feel it's in the best interest to do that," said Emily Kicklighter with the Rockford Public Library.

Montague, Northeast, Rock River and Rockton Centre branch libraries will be open regular hours on May 6.