Understanding the War

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Over the past few days, the public has been filled with many details and first hand looks at war not seen during the Gulf War. But technology and terminology has changed since then. Some in Beloit had a chance to get a simpler explanation of what the attack on Iraq is all about.

Students and community members were able to take in information as well as ask many questions at Beloit College. Two experts were on hand to address U.S. relations with European allies and the situation inside Iraq.

In a crowded room, one by one some got a different view or a simpler explanation about what this was is all about. Some of the questions asked pertained to our relationship with the UN, the nations defense systems and what our next big crisis could be.

International relations professor Beth Dougherty made reference that over the next couple of days the dangerous situation in the north along with the lack of humanitarian efforts will be something to watch. Another popular topic among the group, what happens after the war and if Iraqi's will hold the U.S. responsible and not Saddam

Those who attended say information learned Monday are the little pieces or background information that sometimes goes overlooked.