Beloit Woman Shows Her Support

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A 19th Century Civil War song is once again bringing a familiar sight to many front yards. It's known to be a welcome home sign for men and women involved in war who have been away for a long time

The yellow ribbon is a symbol of support, and of hope. There are many yellow ribbons in Beloit in support of the troops in Iraq. If you happen to see one tied around a tree or an antenna, chances are it was hand made by Meeka Veneman

Meeka spends hours of her own time making and distributing the ribbons. She says that any money spent for the material comes from her own pocket. But she doesn't mind one bit.

You can often find Meeka wherever you find the most cars. Carefully tying each tiny yellow ribbon to any antenna she can find, and most people don't seem to mind at all.

Meeka says the most important thing she wants is for people to join her efforts to display yellow ribbons in support of those who are risking their lives for our country.