Beloit Police Arrest in Connection With Murder

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Police have Shawn Brooks of Beloit in their custody for last month's murder of Julienne McGuire. Scientists discovered DNA evidence at the scene of the murder that led police to arrest Brooks in his home on Park Street Monday night.

"This arrest is the most significant piece of information, most significant movement in this case of any homicides we've had," said Deputy Chief Norm Jacobs.

Police recovered property near McGuire's body at her employer, Edward Jones, that links the suspect to the murder. Brooks has an extensive criminal history dating back to 1996.

Brooks is listed in the Wisconsin sex offender registry for the crime of second degree sex assault to a child.

McGuire and Brooks did not know each other before the murder. Another man who was being interviewed, McGuire's ex-boyfriend, is now off the hook.

"It's not likely we will need to investigate him further. We've verified the information he gave us on his whereabouts," said Jacobs.

McGuire's family is relieved by Brooks’ arrest, but they say it will be a long time before they have closure.

"It's very rough and it's not going to be over tomorrow or the day after. Something like this you're never going to get over. There's a void now," said Jerry Huffman, McGuire's uncle.

City leaders and police hope this arrest will calm fears of people who work near the scene of the crime.