Patriotic Pride

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American patriotism has seen a rebirth since the war with Iraq began. In fact, patriotism has not been this visible since the Sept. 11 attacks.

Drive through any neighborhood in America and chances are you'll see the American flag proudly displayed. Take a ride down East State Street and you'll see businesses that could be advertising specials, instead advertising support for the troops overseas.

Joe Namoff is the manager of Crazy Joe's Warehouse on East State Street. He says displaying signs of support for the troops is least he can do.

And employees of Popey's chicken just up the street feel the same. Neighborhoods are also showing their support with one or two flags, but some are going farther than that putting a flag anywhere they can.

As the soldiers move deeper into Iraq, the flags and signs displayed across America and here at home send the same message. Some say that even though they don't support the war, our troops are there. They say that's reason enough to do as much as we can.