Global Warming

Carbon dioxide is put into many beverages to give them the fizz, but it is also released through your day to day activities.

Carbon dioxide is also the number one man made source of greenhouse gasses, but there are a few inexpensive things you can do lessen the amount of co2 you are responsible for, and they will even save you money.

Unfortunately, recycling isn't required in many stateline communities, but remember that bottle of Coke. If you take the initiative to recycle, you can save 700 pounds of co2 per year.

If you buy a programmable thermostat not only will you save money on heating bills but you will save almost two tons of co2.

Replacing your five most used standard light bulbs with florescent ones will also save you about $90 on your energy bill and 700lbs of co2. One of the biggest contributors to carbon dioxide emissions is cars, leaving your car at home just two days a week. That would save more than 1,500 pounds of co2.

According to that total is about 16 percent of my total usage for the year. Even though we don’t fully understand how or if humans are significantly contributing to global warming, it can’t hurt to at least try and save the world.