Ski Broncs Place Third at Regionals

LOVES PARK (WIFR) -- The Ski Broncs gave it their all Sunday afternoon as they tried punching their ticket to nationals for the second year in a row.

This weekend Loves Park hosted the National Show Ski Association's Central Region Tournament. Eight teams from around the Midwest including our own Ski Broncs battled it out in both individual and team competitions for a chance to advance to nationals in August.

Depsite a pretty impressive performance the Ski Broncs placed third. It's not a guaranteed trip to the big stage, but team members say the third place finish puts them in a good position to be invited back.

"It was our best show all year. I'm sure it was. We did a lot of things very solid today, the conditions were a little rough for all the teams but we are super happy with how we did today, very excited," Steve Kling, a member of the Ski Broncs, said.

That national competition is next month in Janesville, but we still have the chance to watch the Ski Broncs perform here all summer. They have shows every Wednesday and Friday at Shorewood Park.

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