Changes Could Be Coming to Landlord Registry

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ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- Landlords in Rockford say they've been more in the loop about what's been going on at their units around town after the launch of the city's landlord registry, but there's concern those notifications may soon disappear.

Members of the city council are reviewing the law and could remove the requirement for police to notify landlords when officers are called to an apartment. Some landlords worry, this review may also eliminate the housing board, which has yet to be set up. It was intended to mediate between property-owners and tenants if there are ongoing police calls.

Another possible change: Instead of sending problematic landlords and tenants to court, they'd end up in front of a city code hearing officer. Some say that's not a transparent process.

"They're removing from the ordinance everything that was negotiated in there that was supposed to be beneficial to landlords, but they leave in a procedure to hold landlords accountable for nuisance behavior, that's disturbing because how do we prevent things from happening if we don't know about them?" Landlord Paul Arena, said.

Some aldermen say they've been told by city staff that Rockford can't legally set up this housing board since this isn't a home rule community.

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