Steer Sells at Special Auction for $31K

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FREEPORT (WIFR) -- Zander Endress just earned a whopping 31,000 dollars at the Stephenson County Fair's Junior Livestock Auction.

But the 12-year-old says something is missing.

"Everytime I looked to where he was, I couldn't find him," he said. "I just knew if he was here, he would have been very happy to know what happened."

Zander's dad, Lynden, died June 20th after being electrocuted on their farm in Pearl City.

Zander is following in his dad's footsteps showing livestock, something Lynden had done for the last 33 years.

"I know my dad that if he was here, he'd want me to keep going and keep showing and selling my steers," Zander said.

Zander and the rest of the Endress family had no clue his steer would sell for so much.

More than 30 families and businesses from around the area pitched in on the bid.

All of that money will now go into a trust fund for Lynden's three kids.

His widow, Tina, was overwhelmed with emotion after seeing all of the community support.

"Just knowing what my husband would have felt if he could look down and see this, it's just incredible," Tina said. "I know he's just so happy and proud and thankful to everybody for helping us out."

The Endress family was unaware of the predetermined high bid of 31,000 dollars.

Volunteers say steer typically go for somewhere between 2,000 and 4,500 dollars, but they say the decision to help the family was easy because of the kind of person Lynden was and his supporting role in the community.

If you want to donate to the Endress family, you can visit either of the State Banks in Pearl City or Freeport.

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