Whitney Manufacturing

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Employees at Whitney have been building machine tools for manufacturers since 1907.

"The machines here have unique advantages over others in the market and you also see our prices are very competitive," says Al Julian, Vice President of Marketing.

Keeping prices down is also Whitney's biggest challenge.

"We're now competing with eastern Europe, China, Korea, competing with Turkey and competing with places with inexpensive labor pools," says Julian.

Whitney is able to compete because employees can finish and ship out an order in the same day. That's nearly impossible in China.

"The employees are the ones who really make it work here," says Julian.

Whitney is one of the few manufacturers left in Rockford that offers high pay and has generations of families working here. Many of the workers have been employed by Whitney for 20 to 30 years.

"The benefits are great. Whitney's a great place to work for. They're very family oriented," says Kevin Ramirez.

The company is able to offer good benefits because employees find innovations that make Whitney a leader in technology.

"The only way to stay competitive is offer something the market doesn't have," says Julian.

Engineers are currently working on several new products for the future.