Clinic5 Skin Creams

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Last summer we introduced you to the women behind skincare line Clinic5. They debuted their hand and foot creams at the Boone County Fair, and a lot has sure happened since then.

"We have a nice product and it filled a niche in town. A lot of people who have bad problems with dry skin, it's just really helpful to them because there just isn't anything like it on the market," says Michele Bradley.

The moisturizing creams are sold at Annie's Gift Shop in Rockford, Home Parties, ebay, and off the company Web site, but could TV be next?

"We found out QVC was looking for women entrepreneurs, and we applied to go and they accepted us and we go this week," says Bradley.

Three of the women are heading to Pennsylvania where they'll present their products to QVC buyers. The goal of QVC’s "Make Mine a Million Business" program is to help more women business owners surpass the million dollar revenue mark.

"It's the future for women to get involved in these kinds of things. It's a little non-traditional, and they certainly seem to have a knack for it," says Bradley.

The women say they're trying to contain their excitement at this point, but the thought of potentially having their products broadcast to 89 million homes is overwhelming. The women say the creams not only heal dry skin, but more serious skin ailments.

The community has embraced the products and now they're hoping they'll have a shot at convincing the nation. If you would like to learn more about Clinic5, visit