Praying for Peace

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About 1000 people took to the streets in downtown Rockford hoping to light up discussion once again on a peaceful solution to the situation in Iraq.

There were the simple arguments: "Well, I'd rather have peace," said 8-year-old Patrick Brown.

And the slightly more complex: "It looks like our troops are being used to protect oil [...] and go after Saddam rather than helping the civilians," said Vigil Organizer Stanley Campbell.

Others say a war for peace just doesn't make sense.

"No - it doesn't sound realistic. It's like spanking your child and telling them not to hit," said Troy Brown, who is protesting the war.

Some claim to have better solutions to war, like continuing UN inspections in Iraq, while others are not shy about saying they don't have all the answers.

"I don't know a better option, but we were working toward a peaceful solution and I think we needed to do that more," said Troy Brown.

But protesters say this vigil is by no means anti-U.S. soldiers. Their hope is that they all come home safe and sound. And if war must go on:

"Hopefully that it will resolve shortly and we'll be on about our normal lives," said Protester Wayne McNeil.

There will be another peace vigil Friday night at 5 p.m., same place, in front of the Federal Building on Court Street.