NIU War Protest

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While the U.S.-lead invasion of Iraq intensifies, some stateline residents are voicing their opposition to the attacks and urging U.S. leaders to find a peaceful solution to the conflict.

About 200 Northern Illinois students and faculty members walked out of class to protest the war in Iraq and voice their message of peace.

"We don't think this war is in compliance with international treaties or law or indeed any form of ethics being that we are instigating this conflict. That we are starting the war," said David Healy, NIU student.

The protestors say America and our troops are not the target of their disdain. Instead they march down Lincoln Highway chanting messages bashing the president and oil companies.

"We're for the soldiers. We're against the war and that doesn't make you any less patriotic," said Barbara Schultz, NIU student.

For a former navy officer, it's about freedom of speech. He says it is being stifled because of the war.

"I'm totally American. It is my right as an American to protest the war. It's every Americans right to have their own opinion and to be able to protest what our government is doing," said Joseph Furrer, NIU student.

Police were on standby at the walkout, as a small contingency of pro-war supporters counter protested,

While antiwar demonstrators are in the minority here in America, the movement is growing as war escalates. Two hundred NIU students march on Thursday, just days ago a school peace rally drew on a dozen students.