Ingersoll Cutting Tools

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On December 1, 2000, Ingersoll Cutting Tools began its next generation when it was acquired by Iscar Metals, or IMC. Ingersoll manufactures cutting tools used to machine different types of metals.

Client companies use the tools, "To manufacture auto parts, turbine parts, anything you cut that's steal, we manufacture a part to help you do that," says Executive Manufacturing Director of Production Steve Earle.

If you take a look at Ingersoll Cutting Tools’ state of the art campus, which opened in 2002, it's easy to see how this company continues to prosper and grow worldwide. Steve Earle, says the key is staying up to date with the latest technologies.

"It's all about speed. We help people do what they can in a rush process. We're buying a lot of technology, spending millions to help with costs," says Earle.

Ingersoll works with some of the biggest companies in the world including Boeing, GM, and Caterpillar, but the company has never neglected its Rockford roots.

"We're good with community. We've actually had a lot of the teachers, principals, superintendents of the school district come and visit us and talk to us about the school curriculum. We do a lot of tours, we show them our technologies. Not only do we show them, we manufacture here for them. We don't cut plastics, we cut real steel, real tools and we do a lot of seminars here," says Earle.

Not only does Ingersoll exert a powerful impression on the cutting tool industry, but the company continues to leave a dynamic impact on our community, a sign that manufacturing is evolving and thriving in Rockford.