Military Mom's Unique Message to Son

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As soldiers go into battle, parents of those men and woman deal with life at home, waiting.

Dianne Currier's son, Noah, is fighting in Iraq right now and to deal with him going into battle the Poplar Grove, IL, resident decided to do something quite unique: she wrote a song.

"The beginning of the song talks about him as a little boy dressed up in his cammies and coon skin hat that's too big," says Currier.

Dianne says Noah seemed destined to be a marine. The little boy who played G.I. Joe is now going into real battles. So to fill the hours waiting to hear from him Dianne wrote 'Soldier Boy.'

"I wanted to write something as a tribute to him, but also something us moms and parents could relate to," she said.

As a military mom, Currier says she couldn't be more pleased with her son's decision to risk his life for our country.

"I don't know what makes me cry more, my pride or my fear. I'm just very proud of him," said Dianne.

Dianne hasn't heard from Noah since February and she hasn't seen him since giving him that final goodbye hug at Christmas.

"It's the hardest thing a parent could ever do," she said.

And if somehow, someway, Dianne could get a message to Noah this is what she'd say: "I will tell him how proud I am of him and that I love him and I miss him. I'll tell him to stay sharp and remember all his training and hurry back home."

Copies of the song are not available to the public yet, but Currier says her dream is to have Reba McIntyre sing it.