Wal-Mart Is Coming to Another Area in Rockford

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As of March 31, 2006, the nation's largest private employer has 2,007 Supercenters. Now add one more to that number. Money is no longer an issue that can stop Wal-Mart from moving into the south side of Rockford.

Monday night Rockford aldermen moved the proposed Wal-Mart out of committee and suspended the rules so the full council could vote. Aldermen decided unanimously to approve the Wal-Mart development on Linden Road.

Last week there was concern about how much the city would have to fork over to improve the intersection of Linden and Alpine. Wal-Mart was going to have to pay $800,000 but some questioned if that would be enough. Now the company will cover up to $1 million for design engineering and construction.

Residents in the area who oppose the Wal-Mart are still concerned about the extra traffic, especially with Bypass 20 so close.

Alderman Frank Beach states, “Your never going to know till it gets done and then you can see how traffic patterns are but by experience and by study you can just tell where the right turn lane will be made, widening of intersection and all the planning to accommodate additional transportation we think it's going to be fine."

Wal-Mart asked that the council's decision not be postponed any longer. Know they can apply for building permits and want to start construction as soon as possible.

There was no discussion Monday night in the Finance and Personnel Committee regarding changes to the 2006 Capital Improvement Plan.