Local Group Looks to Curb Drinking and Driving During Prom Season

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According to the local chapter of Mothers Against Drunk Driving, over half of all teenage traffic fatalities during prom season involve alcohol.

MADD is hoping to reduce that number this year by pushing a new program called the Buzz Free Prom. In this program, teenagers sign a pledge stating they will not use drugs or alcohol on prom night. The group says the primary goal of the program is to do more than just save lives.

"Using drugs and alcohol during prom season is a problem and our main goal is to make it so that they do not use drugs and alcohol and they have a better experience and remember their prom better," says Tracy Fransen, a volunteer with MADD.

By signing up, teenagers receive a buzz free id card reminding them of the promise they made. They also receive discounts on all of the prom essentials from local retailers. This includes limo service, tuxedos, hair styling, and even tanning.

You can sign up for the program for free by visiting www.buzzfree.org.