Former Sheriff Candidate Indicted

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Demers and his attorney believe the charges are politically motivated. They're calling it an intimidation tactic to scare off potential candidates.

Timothy Demers says he never forged any signatures on his nominating petitions. Demers' attorney, Rene Hernandez, says Demers had volunteers helping him on the campaign, and irregularities displayed by others shouldn't be directed to his client in a felony indictment.

Hernandez says signatures may have been inaccurate or incomplete, but not forged by his client. He says there were some written names on the petitions instead of signed names and it appears some individuals who signed the petitions weren't registered voters, but Hernandez says when the irregularities were brought to Demers' attention, he immediately withdrew the petitions and withdrew from the race.

Hernandez says typically when nominating petitions are challenged by an opposing candidate, and they are successful, that's the end of the matter. Hernandez says the fact that the state attorney's office is indicting Demers on petitions he didn't prepare is outrageous.

"I've never seen an election case take this kind of turn when the petitions have actually been withdrawn and there's no candidacy. And we see what's going on here, and we see it as nothing more than a political attempt to stop future candidates from trying to unseat the incumbency," says attorney Rene Hernandez.

"The sheriff has been here for 28 years, and I've lived in the county for four years, and I'm an outsider trying to do something that maybe people don't want me to do," says Demers.

The Boone County state attorney's office was closed Friday for the holiday, so we weren't able to speak with anyone regarding the matter. Demers was processed at the Boone County Jail and is out on $5,000 bond.