New Beloit Superintendent

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A father of five and a former coach, Dr. Lowell Holtz has an incredible enthusiasm for learning and love for children. He says that made him the best candidate for superintendent of the Beloit school district.

"I'm going to give this school district 100 percent of my time," says Dr. Lowell Holtz.

Dr. Holtz was born in Milwaukee and started his teaching career in Minnesota. Currently he is the superintendent of the Palmyra-Eagle school district. Dr. Holtz has worked in schools for 20 years. He also spent five years patrolling the streets as a police officer.

"As a police officer you catch things after the fact. In school there's a great opportunity," says Dr. Holtz.

Dr. Holtz is not planning any big changes for the Beloit school district. He will start the new school year with an open door and an open mind.

"First I want to get to know the community, talk to people and identify their perceptions of the schools' strengths and what they think needs improving," says Dr. Holtz.

He also wants to team up with teachers and parents to help students make the grade on state tests.

"I'm an advocate of accountability and using data for decision making. They can use standardized tests for year to year analysis."

But Dr. Holtz doesn't think the standardized tests are fair to students with special needs.

"Some of the expectations of the No Child Left Behind Act are unrealistic and not in the best interest of kids."

Dr. Holtz will also be challenged with reducing class size while revenue caps make it harder each year to keep a balanced budget.