Future of the Rockford School District

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Brown has been with the district since June 2000 and his contract expires at the end of June.

In December, the board voted four to three to not re-new Dr. Alan Browns contract. That decision was repeated Tuesday night behind closed doors here at the administration building. The school board voted to suspend superintendent brown with pay pending a public hearing.

One by one the Rockford School Board decides the fate of Dr. Alan Brown, which ended in a four to three vote. Dr. Brown did not stay to find out the results of the closed door meeting saying that is was improper procedure.

But before he left Dr. Brown issued this statement: "I love Rockford and this school district very much. I appreciate all of its hard working and dedicated employees. I also want to thank the entire community. Your support has been invaluable to our educational mission and for that I thank you. Unfortunately, a majority of the board of education has decided to take this action tonight and I am saddened by the vote."

President Mike Willams says the board was prepared to have a hearing to present and finalize their case immediately. Brown's attorney requested that there be a public hearing. Board members would not pinpoint their reason is to suspend Dr. Brown, but did say that the goals set in his contract are just part of their issues.

At Brown's request the public hearing will take place next Thursday, the public is welcome but cannot make comments. Afterwards they will yet again go behind closed doors and will then take a public vote on charges brought forward. For the time being Joyce Price is acting as Superintendent.