Bush: 48 Hours for Saddam to Leave

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Many Americans listened to President Bush's timeline to take action against Saddam Hussein.

23 News reporter Laura Gibbs sat down with two political experts, Richard Hourigan and Tom Fleming, to watch the president's speech. Although the two take different sides in regards to even going to war, they both agreed that there was very little new information released by President Bush Monday night.

"He reassured Americans and to Iraq--but it may have been more to Americans," said Tom Fleming, Rockford Institute, about the president's speech.

"I'd say 80/20. Eighty percent to Americans and 20 percent to Iraqi people," agreed Richard Hourigan, Jr., Political Expert.

Within his speech President Bush made efforts to address Homeland Security, saying he's increasing security in airports and seaports.

"This is nothing more than a reiteration of what was already said," Hourigan said.

Both Hourigan and Fleming say that Bush barely addressed our allies, Spain, Portugal and Great Britain. They also say they would have liked to hear more about what happens after an attack.

But both say it's too early to know who will be a United States ally until the war is over.

Of course we will have continued coverage from both Richard and Tom over the next couple of days.