Rising Oil Costs Could Mean Big Business for Freeport Goodyear Plant

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Big changes have been rolling in to the old Kelly Springfield plant in Freeport ever since Titan Tires bought it back in January. And to talk about those changes, Titan CEO Morry Taylor was the guest speaker at Tuesday’s economic review luncheon in Freeport.

Morry Taylor says workers at the plant are still busy turning out quality products, and Taylor expects that to continue. He says the plant will be able to capitalize off of the high price of oil.

"I think the farming economy is really going to grow because of the ethanol. When you've got oil up at $60 a barrel, farmers can grow corn and produce ethanol with it. It took something like this to make the push," says Titan CEO Morry Taylor

The Goodyear brand produced at the Freeport factory is the only one in the market that's made in the USA. Taylor says he intends on keeping it that way.