Wal-Mart Development Agreement

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It comes down to a common topic at city council meetings lately. There is limited funding for road projects. Construction of a new Wal-Mart on Rockford’s south side would also require construction of a new intersection.

Aldermen are worried some of the costs would be passed on to Rockford taxpayers. The current agreement would require Wal-Mart to pay $800,000 for road improvements near Alpine and Linden roads. The city would be responsible for any additional costs.

"I don't believe Rockford should have to pay for any of those improvements and I believe we should go back and address that development agreements and change the agreement so it doesn't commit Rockford to provide funds to build an intersection for Wal-Mart," says Alderman Jeff Holt.

Aldermen decided to send the development agreement back to committee. They hope they can reword it to make Wal-Mart responsible for certain road improvements instead of putting a cap on the dollar amount the company is responsible for.