Byron Nuclear Plant Passes Safety Inspection

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The Byron Nuclear Station is both one of the biggest assets and possible threats to the area. Its safety in generating the power we all use looms over us like the steam the plant billows into the sky every day.

The results of the annual safety inspection by the nuclear regulatory commission are out. The report indicates there is little for us to worry about. The commission grades plants on a color scale, with green being the safest.

"All the windows at Byron are green, and based on that they will only do a baseline normal inspection at this plant over the course of the next year," says Bob Kartheiser, Plant Communications Director.

And while the Byron plant did grade out fairly well, the commission did cite some areas that needed to be improved on. However, Kartheiser says those areas to do not pose an immediate threat to surrounding residents.

"It shows just in the fact that the NRC is only going to be continuing baseline normal inspections here at the plant. That says that all of our windows are in the green zone and that's what they're looking for," Kartheiser added

According to the FRC report, there were a total of six personnel performance problems at the power plant. Four were in the safety strategic performance area. The report described the problem areas as being of "very low safety significance."

A full text copy of the report can be found here: