City to Announce New Police Chief on Monday

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City officials have been scrambling to find a new police chief after initially hiring David Purdy and later rescinding the offer after a background check came back negative. The city announced it will be holding a press conference on Monday afternoon.

Sam Castree, Secretary of the Fire and Police Commission, says an announcement regarding the next police chief is anticipated.

Former Police Chief Jeff Nielsen was surprised by the timing of the announcement. He said the department had been silent on the issue since the commission pulled Purdy's offer. He speculated the new chief will be a candidate Rockfordians have already heard of.

"Well, I don't think they went back out. If I were to guess, I'd say it's one of the ones they didn't take when they named Purdy. They didn't retest, obviously there wouldn't be enough time. They must be very comfortable in what they've done. They want the matter settled. Let's pick a leader and move on. It’s unsettling as I said earlier. Anytime there's a change, it's a major stress on the organization," Nielsen says.

According to an agenda sent Saturday, the new chief will be named during a closed session. Be sure to stay tuned to 23 News for all the latest updates on this developing story.