Caledonia Crossings

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It's a topic many rural towns fear: change. And the village of Caledonia could be in for a lot of it if a proposed residential development goes through.

The project would quadruple the size of Caledonia, and on Thursday night village board members had their final look at the plans before they vote. The board of trustees says this development will be built somewhere regardless of their decision, so they want to seize the opportunity for Caledonia while they have the chance.

They're worried Caledonia may not be able to maintain its infrastructure if they don't increase the population. Taxes will likely have to be raised if the Caledonia Crossings project is not built, because trustees say it's hard to afford city services when there are just 200 people to draw on.

The developer would pay impact fees to provide water and sewer treatment for the new subdivision, but that's not enough to convince many residents of Caledonia that the development is a win for their village.

"It's not just too big, it's inconsistent. They're acting like it's a done deal. They should have cut it loose a long time ago," says Doris Nelson, a neighbor who lives near the proposed location of the development.

Thursday night's meeting addressed many technical issues in the annexation agreement between the village and the developer. The board will take a final vote on whether to let the developer proceed on April 25.