Support Vote

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The Winnebago County Board took a look at the possible war with Iraq. But the vote wasn't to approve or not approve going to war it was to show support to the troops.

With the threat of war just around the corner, the Winnebago County Board voted unanimously, 27 to 0, to pass a resolution showing their support for U.S. military troops being sent over seas.

Board member Randal Olson says he created a formal resolution because he could not find any resolution specifically in support of the troops, only in favor or against war. He says the board wants national, state and military leaders to know that the board stands behind all actions necessary to protect our country. This resolution though should not be mistaken for Winnebago County Board supporting a war.

The boards resolution comes at time when many of those opposed to the conflict have taken to the streets in protest. Board members say the main reason for the resolution is to say thanks to those who put their lives on the line for our country. The city also started a similar resolution, but was not ever voted on.