Route 173 / I-90 Exchange Development

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Twenty thousand more residents, $200 million in commercial revenue, and thousands of new jobs; these incredible numbers are all promises brought on by one project, a project that has been a long time in the making

Fourteen-hundred acres of land will be developed into both residential and commercial property, near the 173/I-90 exchange. With such a large project an exhausting amount of work needs to be done on the local infrastructure.

One of the many challenges that has been holding this project up is where to properly put the sewer systems. With rock cut state park just across the road there isn't much wiggle room. The final details of that work will be pounded out in the next 60 days.

It’s a grand project not only in physical size but in the amount of private and public entities that have collaborated to make it possible. The greater Rockford area's real estate mogul Sunil Puri believes the project is significant enough to compete regionally.

The construction of new homes and businesses will create thousands of jobs. Thousands more will be required to operate the over two million square feet of business.