Lost and Found

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Marilyn Ekedahl lost her Class of 1950 East High School ring when she and her husband were "goofing around" in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. This was during the summer of 1951 and now more than 50 years later the ring is back on her finger.

With help from his metal detector, Rich Brandes discovered the ring this summer. During his hobby, treasure hunting, Rich found the ring under five feet of water and buried six to eight inches deep in sand.

Rich says he's found rings before, but not with initials and a high school name. It was that curiosity that drove Rich's own investigation. Rich says he got a list of Rockford's high schools and started to call around. With the "E" on the side of the ring he narrowed the school to Rockford's East High School. A woman at the school put him in touch with the 1950 class reunion organizer and from there he was able to locate who M.J.J. was.

The class reunion organizer called Marilyn who was shocked to hear that her ring had been found. For nothing more than his own gratitude, Rich and his family from Racine, Wisconsin met the Ekedahls on Saturday. Rich says he just had to make the trip and leaves with new friends and the good feeling knowing the ring belongs to its rightful owner.

This is the third ring that Rich has returned, but not under these circumstances and memories. Through his scuba diving adventures, he's found various coins and over 40 rings.