At Home Battle

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Although the unit left for Fort McCoy a little over two weeks ago families of the guardsmen have found support in an organization called the Family Readiness Group.

About 50 people meet at the Freeport Armory once a month to discuss support programs for the Military Police unit of the Illinois National Guard. The group is federally mandated and there to provide the families with support and information. Sue Warneke is the president of the group and says families will find the support the need during this difficult time. Family members say they have their own reasons for attending.

Concerned family members are encouraged to ask about anything they may want or need to know. Questions range from how to contact a deployed family member to what steps to take during a vital situation.

If you would like more information on the Family Readiness Group contact Sue Warneke at 815-235-1595. Donations for the unit can be made at your local Red Cross.