Pre-Annexation Agreement

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A group of Winnebago Township residents don't want anything to do with Rockford and they're trying to fight a move by one alderman. On March 20, alderman Victory Bell proposed that the city aggressively pursue zoning efforts as well as consider annexing land west to Weldon Road.

23 News has some exclusive information about a very hush-hush meeting held over the weekend. A small group of Winnebago Township residents met on Saturday to discuss Winnebago Village limits. Now this group is on a mission to collect signatures from landowners to pursue a pre-annexation agreement with the Village of Winnebago.

The city of Rockford can really only expand west. Right now Winnebago extends to Calvary Cemetery about a mile and a half from Meridian Road. Residents say the annexation would expand the fire and police department, increase tax base and state benefits. Residents plan to present petitions of intent to the village board at a meeting on Monday, April 10th.

Winnebago Mayor Steve Butler tells 23 News that two other pieces of property would have to come into the village before anything could happen. In order for an annexation all pieces of land have to touch.

Once the petitions are in, residents and the village would have to enter talks with attorneys with the end result being a legally-binding agreements. If residents move quickly the whole process could take 6 months to complete.