Park Carjacking

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Rockford Park District Police arrested two Rockford men in connection with a carjacking at local park.

Police say the carjackers targeted two salesmen at Anna Page Park earlier this month.

Twenty-three thousand dollars in stereo speakers. Park district police say that was the motive for a carjacking that started at the Loves Park Wal-Mart and ended with violence at Anna Page Park.

"With Anna Page Park being a remote area, this seemed like a good place for them to do this," said Scot Nason, Rockford Park District police.

The suspects approached two American Soundsystems employees, selling speakers from a van. They lead the salesmen around the city saying they were going to get money for a big purchase. Instead three suspects, Jake Larsen, Thomas Minton and Deambracsis Stevens took the Chicago area salesmen to Anna Page Park, and allegedly forced them from the van by knifepoint.

The investigation lead police to a home in the 1900 block of Sauber Avenue where they recovered all of the stereo equipment and found Jake Larsen hiding in a closet.

Later police arrested Stevens. A warrant has been issued for the arrest of Thomas Minton who is thought to be in the Rockford Area.

Park police say this is a rare incident.

"The park system is extremely safe in this community. However when something does happen we use the full resources of our department to investigate the matter," Nason said.

Park district police say the salesmen were operating a legitimate business operation. The two suspects being held have been charged with aggravated vehicular hijacking and robbery. Minton is also wanted for aggravated battery.