Mumps Outbreak in Iowa

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It's the biggest outbreak of mumps in the U.S. in 17 years, typically, there's 260 cases of mumps reported nationwide each year, but as of Thursday, 245 confirmed, probable or suspected cases of mumps had been reported to the Iowa Department of Public Health, Iowa typically averages five cases a year.

"The centers for disease control have come in, and working with the State of Iowa to determine why this is happening, what's happening, and what we can do to reduce," says Craig Beintema.

Beintema with the Stephenson County Health Department says reports show a large amount of those infected received the recommended two-shot vaccination.

"Our concern is that people are coming across the border into Illinois and Wisconsin having this very contagious disease," says Beintema.

Ninety-four cases have been reported in Dubuque County, which borders Jo Davies County. Bientema says 11 cases have been reported in the Rockford region, typically there are eight cases a year total in the state of Illinois.

"Be concerned about your health and immunity, if you haven't been vaccinated, you can easily go to your doctor or local health department and we have that vaccine," says Beintema.