Loved Ones of Hit and Run Victim Visit Fatal Crash Site

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JANESVILLE (WIFR) -- Family and friends of one of the bikers killed in a hit and run crash on Easter Sunday make the journey to Janesville for the first time to the spot of that fatal accident, a the trip that was an important step in finding closure after such a tragedy.

Sunday was the first time Wade Osterburg had visited the crash site along US Highway 14 near Janesville where on Easter Sunday his best friend of 5 years, Devin Julius, 18, died in a motorcycle crash.
“When you got to know Devin, he was such a kind, caring person that it was hard to find someone who didn't like him and didn't know about him," said Osterburg, who first befriended Julius when the two played together on their high school soccer team.

Ostberburg and Julius' family made the two and a half hour trip from their hometown of Freedom, WI, to see the makeshift roadside memorial for Julius and a second rider, Mitch Vance, 24. The two died while riding with a group of five motorcycles. The Rock County Sheriff says an SUV driven by Sampath Pal, 24, of Park City, IL, crossed the center line and crashed into the pair around 8pm on Easter Sunday. Four days after the crash, police arrested Pal and charged him with two counts of hit and run causing death.

"I think I’ve got most of the crying out. It’s a good form of closure, I really wanted to see where it happened and know what happened and we had one of the other rides explain it to us," said Osterburg.

Lauren Minott was on one of five motorcycles riding with Julius that day; she attended his funeral in Freedom even though she had only met him the day of the crash and says it was important to her to stand with the family on Sunday.

"I wish I would have gotten to know him, he was so sweet. Being here today definitely is mostly for Devin’s family and to show our love," said Minot.

"He was truly one of the best people you could meet and we’re all going to miss him and we all cared about him and we can't wait to see him again someday,” said Osterburg.

A similar ride was held on Saturday organized by friends of Mitch Vance.

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